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Men's Ministry

1st Tuesdays of the month, 9:30 a.m. Phase-Two men's group

Saturday morning Men's Fellowship Breakfast

Women's Ministry

Monday morning Women's Bible Study - School year

Monday evening Women's Bible Study - School year

Wednesday evening Book Study - Summer

Fall CMA Women's Retreat

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Young Adult Ministry (18 thru 30'ish)

Sunday afternoon gatherings and scheduled events; topic discussions, boating, hiking, biking, grilling....

Adult Ministry

Wednesday morning Bible study and Prayer

Senior Ministry

Tuesday morning Faith in Action Senior Group

Youth Ministry

Sunday School- for Pre K through High School (and adults)

Kidz on a Mission (Children's Church)- for youth 4 years old through 3rd grade

Ignition Life Groups- Sunday nights for students 7th - 12th grade

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Outside These Walls Small Groups

Scheduled by participants


Available for basketball, volleyball, games

W-7-Canine-Ministry.jpgStash - Canine reading ministry. By appointment, for anybody, any age. No charge, confidential. Contact Diane Pirc: 262-670-6289 or

Stash is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog, licensed through Therapy Dogs International. Stash loves to spend time with children! Contact the Pirc's if your child would enjoy spending time petting or reading to Stash in room 209.

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International Ministry

Beginning in the 1880's, the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church now binds together mission-minded Christians from more than 50 countries.


Click for Alliance Missionary Opportunities

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The CMA entered India in 1887. India has 1.3 billion people. It is the most complex nation with more unreached people than any other.

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The CMA entered Africa in1884. When the Alliance missionaries sailed for the Congo, they were hardly prepared for the life-threatening realities of overseas ministry. A Baptist missionary in Africa had written: “Cruelty, sin, and slavery seem to be as millstones around the necks of these poor people…brethren, come over and help us.” The call fell upon the hearts of five young men who had graduated from the C&MA’s newly formed Missionary Training Institute.

Scenes of darkness appalled the courageous men. Disembarking near the Congo River, the band of missionaries immediately met a wall of hostility from slave traders who hated and opposed them. Shortly after the team’s arrival, their leader, John Condit, fell victim to malaria. After his death, three of his colleagues sold their outfits to finance passage home. Only one man, Francis Gerrish, determined to carry on, working with the Baptists for three years. A second party went to the Congo in 1888 and successfully established the first Alliance mission station.