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Song of Solomon Sermon Series Marriage Challenge

Directions: This is for you to engage purposefully over the next month or so with specific challenges. However, we encourage creativity over "letter of the law". Feel free to tweak the challenges to fit your context. Consider engaging in one challenge a day. It is not necessary to engage in order. Use this list as a guide! ENJOY… one another!


  • Ride a tandem bike together (one is available at FaithBAC Oct. 9th and 16th)
  • Read Scripture together every day this week. For a deeper challenge commit to this for an entire 30 day period.
  • Pray together every day for one week. For a deeper challenge commit to this for an entire 30 day period.
  • Fast for a 24 hour period (suggested 6 pm to 6 pm). Commit this time to pray God's blessing on your spouse.
  • Journal this week. Include in your entry: Things that bless you about your spouse. For a deeper challenge commit to this for an entire 30 day period.

  • Facebook Challenge: Everyday for a week post one thing you love about your spouse and a verse. For a deeper challenge ask 2 Facebook friends to engage for a week doing the same challenge. If you include #FaithBAC on your posting, the church family on facebook will be able to find it.

  • Ask your spouse, "What is one thing that you see in me that can be improved?" The only response to this when you ask your spouse is, "Thank you".

  • Discuss 2 destinations you've never visited but would like to see. Why would you like to go there? What would you want to do while you were there?
  • Discuss 2 things you've never done and would like to do, then do one of those things.

  • Spend one day with your spouse doing whatever they want to do, and don't complain.
  • Give your spouse complete control of the TV remote for 24 hours. (Choose wisely)

  • Cook a new meal, that you have never made before.

  • Construct something together that requires directions. Love each other through it.
  • Wash windows, one inside, one out.
  • Learn a new skill together (ideas: welding, upholstery, pickleball, canning etc.).

  • Discover one another's love language (if you need help For one week make a point to speak their love language.
  • Hold hands and walk for 15 minutes together.
  • Sit opposite one another (make regular eye contact) and have a 20 minute conversation. Be purposeful.
  • Tell your spouse one thing that you love about them.
  • Read your favorite poem to your spouse.

  • Ask your spouse if they have any regrets in life. Listen.
  • Buy or make a gift for your spouse.
  • Ask your spouse to share with you a favorite memory from childhood. Follow up and ask why that meant so much!
  • Share a testimony in church or in a small group about how God has blessed you with your spouse (the focus is on God's sovereignty and how God has encouraged you with your spouse).

  • Ask your spouse if they would create a challenge for you to do.

  • What makes your spouse laugh? Help them to laugh today.

  • Drive your spouse around today (do not take separate cars).

  • Plan a date.

  • What does your spouse need (Are they tense? Too busy? Need new clothes? Etc.)? Address the issue.
  • For the next seven days, give your spouse a kiss to start the day and a kiss to end the day.  Kiss like you mean it!
  • Share your story with someone else (children, friends, other family, etc.). Brag on your spouse.

~Consider sharing the results of your challenges with the FaithBAC family during church~

~or email to Sandy to be shared on the website "Reflections" blog page~