Dec 18
3 Applications for Believers - a Message from the President


Jumping into the message on Christian engagement in a post-Christian world..... Application number one: We (the Alliance Church) are currently leading a family that has a 130-year history of seeking to live under the authority of God—we must not lose our way now. Our cause is too great, our commission too clear—our Christ too worthy for us to lose heart, surrender, compromise, or fail in any way.

We tend to think we live in the only time of challenge to the gospel. We don’t. The gospel has always been counter-cultural. The way has always been narrow. We have never been citizens of this earth. We do have a citizenship; it’s just not on this planet. We’ve always been alien strangers, peculiar people. We’ve always had an enemy prowling around like a roaring lion, seeing who he can have for lunch next. We’ve always had a thief trying to sneak into the sheepfold to steal, kill, and destroy. There has never been an easy time to be a Jesus follower. This is not time to lose heart. I believe a cloud of witnesses cheer us on. “We did it. You can too. It’s worth it!” they cry.

If we fail to hold fast to the Word of God and the work of God, what a disservice we would do to our own martyrs and saints of the past, who sacrificed greatly to pass the lit and holy torch on to us. May we carry that same torch that brought the gospel to the Chinese, and Hmong, and Congolese, and many other people. May we carry that torch that lit their souls as a soldier’s hand grenade stole our missionary’s last breath. May we carry that torch that they tediously translated into never-before-written tongues in order that the Scripture may be owned and cherished by more peoples. It’s our duty. It’s our calling. It’s our privilege to carry the gospel forward.

Application number two: We are currently living in a society that neither accepts this authority nor desires to live under it. Again, this is nothing new, but we’ve all watched the themes change and the heat intensify in a very short period of time. The SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage is the obvious mega-example of that.

Friends, it’s not my role to call the world to live under the authority of the Word of God. It’s my role to call the church to do so. Paul said it this way, “I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people—not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral . . . In that case, you’d have to leave the world.” Paul is saying our focus is on the Church. Our goal is not to change secular society, or even to expect anything different from them—rather, to fully be the Church living under the authority of God.

So, application points . . . we have this long history; we must not lose our way now. We are currently living in a society that doesn’t accept the authority of God nor desires to live under it.

Application number three: Our beautiful challenge is to fully live under His authority while fully loving those who disagree—fully living under the authority of God while fully loving those who disagree with us. We have the privilege of living under a loving authority within a society that is doing everything it can to throw off that authority and redefine that love.

May we become master artists at weaving the grace and truth tapestry together. You know the verse I’m talking about. John 1:17, “. . . grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” Both strands are needed to be strong and continuously interwoven. Whole sections of graceless truth will not serve us or anyone well. Whole sections of grace alone will unravel. As others have noted, we are called to not only preserve the content of the gospel but its tone as well—to not only speak the message of Jesus but to have His accent. The “harsh brutal vipers” comment was reserved for the religious God-blockers.

“And Jesus said unto her, ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin’” was given to the woman caught in adultery. “Get behind me, Satan,” was spoken to His misguided disciple. “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I’ll give you rest,” was spoken to the shepherd-less masses. Living under His authority while loving as He did, we don’t write our own rules, we don’t create our own identity, we don’t determine our own destiny; we don’t just do as we please. We’re under authority, we’re under assignment, we’re under His kingly rule and we’re happy about that, especially because His Kingdom is a kingdom of love.

Church, let’s live out our calling. Let’s take this fascinating privilege and lovingly live under the authority of God.

~Excerpt from recent Colorado Springs keynote address given by John Stumbo, President of the U.S. Christian & Missionary Alliance

Dec 18
#FaithBAC Sharing Joy

​With a roar of the engine and songs of good cheer, #FaithBAC members joined the Hartford Christmas Parade this year.




Dec 02
#FaithBAC in Texas as Samaritan's Purse Volunteers


On October 28, a team of 9 volunteers from FBAC departed for Rockport, Texas. We arrived there on Sunday afternoon and settled in at the host church in Portland, Texas. From the start, we were very impressed with the organization of Samaritan's Purse and the friendliness of their staff. Throughout our stay, they were serving us, encouraging us and always available for prayer.

Samaritan's Purse was still in the demolition/clean-up phase while we were there, but anticipated transitioning to the rebuilding phase after Thanksgiving. Although a lot of cleanup has been done, there is still so much more to do. Many of the streets are lined with huge debris piles that the city crews are working on picking up. The devastation is overwhelming, yet every home owner we met seemed very hopeful and positive. They each had a story to tell and we found them all very interesting. They were quick to thank us and told us how they will always be grateful. We went to serve them, but the blessing was received by us as well. What a joy it is to be able to minister to others in their time of deepest need! Samaritan's Purse donates a Study Bible, signed by the crew of volunteers who worked on their home, to each home owner. The chaplains also meet with them to pray, encourage and share the gospel message.

Our team was assigned to a group leader along with about 5 others. During our 4 days there, our group worked on two houses and three yard debris removals. The homes needed to be rid of all mold and water damage. The yard work was removing damaged fences, cutting trees, bagging trash and cutting tall grass. The challenging work and time together developed us into a great team. We praise God for his protection and the opportunities we had to serve one another!

We would like to thank our FBAC family for your prayers and generous donations. Your love and support were a big encouragement to us all. An extra special highlight of our trip was having one of our team pray to accept Jesus as his Savior! What a joy it is to welcome a new believer into God's family! Also, a big thank you to Art for organizing our team. We will forever remember our week with church friends and the new friends we made.

With grateful hearts,

Lynn Ehley on behalf of the FBAC Hurricane Harvey Team

Art tells the story of a team from Samaritan's Purse who programmed a desired address into their GPS, but when it indicated their arrival, they were in the "wrong" location. They re-programmed their GPS, yet when they followed its directions, once again they ended up in the same "wrong" location. A final time they re-programmed their GPS, and a final time they ended up in the same "wrong" location. As they sat there, a woman came running out asking, "Are you from Samaritan's Purse? I have been trying to find a way to get help. I paid some men to help me, but they took my money and never returned. I've been praying and praying." The Samaritan's Purse team had the paperwork with them that the homeowner needed to complete and she was added to the list of homeowners to receive assistance. The team once again programmed their GPS with their desired address, and THIS time, it took them there.  God is good, and miracles still happen!

Aug 29
Alliance Response to Hurricane Harvey

Tuesday, August 29th

The rains have subsided for now, but the situation in and around Houston continues to worsen. Runoff from surrounding land will cause rivers to crest tomorrow; streams flowing from the two controlled-release reservoirs continue to swell, flooding communities that had been relatively safe less than 24 hours earlier. Several more families from the Alliance Bible Church in Baytown and the Greenhouse Community Church in Katy have been forced to evacuate.

Out of desperation for food, medication, and other critical supplies, fights are erupting in streets and parking lots. Gas stations are out of gas, and refueling tankers are not expected to regain access to the city until sometime next week. Grocery store shelves are bare, with no hope of restocking any time soon. People are standing in line for hours, hoping to find something to eat or drink. One C&MA district worker had one of the few food items he was able to find snatched from his cart on his way to checkout.

The Alliance International Church, a Filipino congregation in nearby Pearland, Texas, is boxing up clothing and other needed supplies to truck to Houston for flood victims.

The Greenhouse Community Church in Katy is being used by the fire department as a staging area to help rescue stranded citizens and distribute critically needed supplies.

rio life convoy helping Hurricane Harvey victims image
Three boats and 6 volunteers make their way from Rio Life (C&MA) Community Church in Mercedes to Houston.

Six members of Rio Life (C&MA) Community Church in Mercedes, near the Mexico border, are currently making the 350-mile trek north to Houston with 3 boats to help in the relief and rescue effort. David Gomez, C&MA Board member and pastor of Rio Life, writes, “Our district, the Spanish Central, has also mobilized our churches to gather non-perishable food items over this weekend. One of our primary concerns is for our sister church Iglesia Alianza Vida, pastored by Herman Sanchez, who told us they have 40 families they are trying to care for. Just this morning 18 people from his congregation were in a second story floor of their home waiting to be rescued due to rising waters.  I also spoke with Charles Smith, who is coordinating relief efforts through Roadhouse Community Alliance Church to see how we can work alongside them.”

Tomorrow, Southwestern District Superintendent Mark Searing, along with his son, Robert; Phil Lohmeyer, disaster coordinator for the C&MA Central District representing CAMA; and another volunteer, will make their way into Houston on a flat-bottom boat and two kayaks to assess the extent of the damage and formulate a relief and development plan. Please pray for their safety as they travel and for wisdom as they assess.

Please also continue to pray

  1. For the rain to cease
  2. For protection against a storm resurgence in Louisiana and Texas
  3. For safety for evacuees and first responders
  4. That shelter and critical supplies will be provided for those left displaced
  5. That Alliance churches in the area and other parts of the country will continue to show Jesus’ love in tangible ways to those affected
Jul 20
New Beginnings

W-Jeff T Blog.jpg

I want to thank the body of Faith Bible Alliance for calling me to be your shepherd. Jannette and I thank you for your words of encouragement, and for your love and support through the process.  I want to be faithful to the calling God has placed upon my heart and want us all to take into account followship of Christ.

I appreciate the congregation walking through the process, and recognize you were obedient walking along. I have learned that it is areas of communication that we need to focus on in the future.  We need to be diligent about communicating to the body as a whole and being transparent with one another.

I want us to look for the opportunities God places before us to become more relational with one another. If we are disjointed, each bringing our own thought processes to the direction we should go, we become unfocused.  We need to be unified in our direction then each individual come alongside to help the body move in that direction.

"The true Church has never sounded out public expectations before launching her mission. Her leaders heard from God, they knew their Lord's will and did it. Their people followed them - sometimes to triumph, oftener to insults and public persecution - and their sufficient reward was the satisfaction of being right in a wrong world!"  - A. W. Tozer

With Bible open and heart open, let us stay in tune with the Spirit and what He has for us,

Pastor Jeff

Jun 21
Do Something, Send Someone

W-Jeff T Blog.jpg

Jannette and I were reinvigorated at the recent CMA Bi-Annual Council, 2017, in Ohio.  Our FaithBAC vision for reaching Juneau was reinforced during my break-out sessions on Greenhouse church development.

The Greenhouse church development mindset focuses on two points that use the church at Antioch, from the book of Acts, as an example:

1)      DO SOMETHING (Acts 11:27-30) Now in these days prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch.  And one of them named Agabus stood up and foretold by the Spirit that there would be a great famine over all the world (this took place in the days of Claudius). So the disciples determined, every one according to his ability, to send relief to the brothers living in Judea.  And they did so, sending it to the elders by the hand of Barnabas and Saul.  (James 1:22 Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.)

2)      SEND SOMEONE (Acts 13:1-3) Now there were in the church at Antioch prophets and teachers, Barnabas, Simeon who was called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen a lifelong friend of Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.  While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them."  Then after fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them off.  

The Greenhouse theory reflects the CMA's beginnings with Pastor A.B. Simpson.  Moving from Canada to Kentucky to NY, he had a passion for the church to reach out as a mission-minded body.  He spoke on the wharfs to dock workers and ship workers and invited them to church despite differences in affluence. He testified to the need to reach the lost wherever they are at. The Greenhouse movement was birthed out of this desire from the beginning to step into nothing to reach the lost and the need to send others to reach the lost.

From, "All For Jesus, God at Work in the CMA Over One Hundred Years":

On November 20, 1881, two weeks after his resignation from Thirteenth Street Presbyterian (in N.Y.) Simpson conducted a meeting in the Caledonian Club Hall. After speaking on the spiritual needs of the city he urged those "in sympathy with an aggressive spiritual movement" to meet on November 23 to confer and pray. Only seven other people showed up. Huddled around a little stove in a "cold and cheerless dance hall," they opened their Bibles. "This is the word of the Lord," they read.  "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. For who hath despised the day of small things?" (Zechariah 4:6,10). Simpson recalled that the small group then knelt in prayer to thank God that they were poor, few and weak. "We threw ourselves upon the might of the Holy Ghost, and He has never failed us."

As I consider FBAC integrating the Greenhouse principles, I am convicted that we need to be a healthy body to send and multiply. We do not want to multiply our weaknesses, but multiply our strengths.  We need to recognize we need to grow by pursuing the higher gifts, identifying how each of us fit into the body of Christ and develop our relationship with God.  Our goals should be to build up the body, develop the armor of God, and the gospel message. Encourage teaching, mentoring, and discipleship. Jesus does not call us to a cul-de-sac mentality of holding what we have, but being a conduit to share with others what we have and know. We need to teach others to obey Christ's commands and great commission.  As we go through the process of teaching others to obey, leaders will naturally rise and desire to be used by God in a significant way. Some of these leaders may desire to "Go out" and plant churches beyond the local body.

The Greenhouse mentality provides the environment for leaders to be sent out. We need to identify people's gifts and develop a growth environment.  The size of a church does not matter to multiply.

See how we really are part of something MUCH BIGGER than ourselves through being part of the body of Christ and the CMA:  (CMA President John Stumbo's message from the Philippines)

With Bible open and heart open, let us stay in tune with the Spirit and what He has for us.

Pastor Jeff

Mar 26
March 2017 CMA Women's Retreat Reflections

I am working on the lesson for this week’s Awana/Journey lesson.  The lesson for this week is about Jesus’ 40 days in the desert being tempted by Satan. 

(Matthew 4:7) Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’

I remembered a portion of one of the talks we had regarding how hard it will be Living for Jesus in the Last days.  Shelli Prindle, our keynote speaker, told of a story of a family living in one of the countries facing persecution because they are Christians, not only Christians but Christian Missionaries.   They received word that all people who were not native to that country should leave the country because it was no longer safe.  The question for this family was this:  Do they stay trusting that God will protect them or do they leave making sure that their family is safe? 

They chose to stay.  The mother told her children, “There may come a day when some really bad men will come through our door.  They will want to hurt us.  You may see some blood and you will be really scared.  If that happens, I want you to close your eyes and say ‘I forgive you.  God loves you.’ Then when you open them again you will be with Jesus and everything will be okay.” 

Wow!  I can’t imagine the feelings that had to have gone through this family.  I can’t imagine the faith that these parents had.  “Just close your eyes and say… ‘I forgive you.  God loves you’”.   

When Jesus was taken to the top of the highest building in Jerusalem and was told “All you have to do is jump.  God will save you.  His angels will pluck you up and not let anything happen to you.”  What Satan was really saying, “Do you Trust God?  Just jump…see if He really will save you…go ahead.” 

Jesus didn’t need proof – he had TRUST that His Father would keep His word.  Just like the Mother that said, “Just close your eyes.  When you open them up you will see Jesus and everything will be okay.” 

I hope and pray that my faith would be that strong in the face of adversity.  I pray that when I close my eyes for the last time; I will wake up I see Jesus and everything will be okay. 

~Rhonda Kaenan

Mar 15
True Dangers


From the president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, John Stumbo. Presented at the Converge Conference in Colorado Springs, March 2017.

What are the true dangers that we are facing, that the American church faces?

  1. Compromising our message. The truth is, there are NOT a lot of ways to get to heaven. The CMA believes in the authority of the word of God and the claims of Jesus Christ.
  2. Losing our passion; for world evangelism, for the eternal, for things that really matter. We do not want to be infected with the "Samson Syndrome". Samson said, "If you cut my hair, I will be as weak as any other man." If we lose our passion, we will be as weak as every other man.
  3. Self-protectionism. As the media gets louder, we risk our churches falling into self-protectionism. We don't want to prioritize personal security over our kingdom calling. Acts 20:24
  4. Self-promotion. We need to advance the name of Jesus, not our own names.
    Three assignments: •Advance the name of Jesus  •Strengthen the church  •Drive back the enemy.   It is a sweet clarity that comes when self gets out of the way. We are large when we live for the eternal.
Sep 26
From the pen of the Pastor, Jeff Thrane

W-Jeff T Blog.jpg


The title of my sermon on the 18th was "Giving Direction" in light of the opportunity I had to join other pastors from the Western Great Lakes District and hear a message from Dr. John Stumbo, the president of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.   I want to reflect and recap the vision and commitments that Dr. Stumbo shared with the pastors. I also want to pass along commitments from myself and recognize that these are things that you as the body of Christ could be passing on as commitments to those that are lost in our community and to those who will carry the mantle of the church after we have passed. 

So, while the title of the sermon was "Giving Direction", I am thinking I should title this blog, "Changing Direction".  I was beginning to surpass my boundaries in my bulletin blurb with the amount of words I was using.  So as not to squeeze out needed space for other ministry communication, I felt I needed to change venue and leave a sentence behind in the bulletin to communicate the change from the weekly blurb to a weekly blog found here on the Reflections page of our website.  So, here we are, changing direction and giving direction.

I first want to say as we walk through some of the information that was shared by our CMA president, that I give him full credit for outlining his commitments and because they are in true step with where I feel I should be, I may inflect some of my own thoughts over his but will try not to detract from the straight forward, common sense approach he has given.

The president sat down with his advisors and his cabinet and one of the early on tasks was to define the vision casting in a three bullet format.  What they emerged with was this: Christ Centered – Acts 1:8 – Family.  Sunday we looked at the passage from which Acts 1:8 comes from, the recording of Jesus' ascension and what he gave as a parting statement and command.   We also took a look at how this particular verse has two distinctly different interpretations by believers today.  So, we broke down the literal viewpoint, which is being a witness in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and the ends of the earth, against the personal viewpoint, which defined these specific areas as "spheres of application".  Meaning that Jesus was inferring that Jerusalem is our family and local neighborhood, Judea and Samaria could be equated to our state and country, and the ends of the earth would be beyond those areas.   What we came to in the conclusion, was that, what Jesus said he meant literally.  So in speaking to the disciples of the day and our continued reading in Acts, we find that the early church actually carried out the first steps of the command.  Let's review the Scripture verse again.

   " … you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth."  Acts 1:8

Because this verse is often associated with the missional mindset, many Christians want to excuse themselves from the equation by replacing the "AND" with "THEN".  However, if we look at the interpretation of the early church and follow along in the book of Acts, we find that the disciples started in the literal city of Jerusalem as they were instructed to not leave until the Holy Spirit had come upon them.  Once this had taken place and the persecution began to spread, many of the early believers found themselves scattered in Judea and Samaria (Acts 8:1).  The gospel was being spread, leaving the final step.  So what does this mean for us today, living in Dodge County, Wisconsin in the United States of America?  Well, if we interpret Scripture properly, we would see that we are in one of the many nations considered to be Gentile nations.  We are instructed to go throughout all the nations taking the Gospel to all ethnicities at the ends of the earth. That means we cannot look at just the unbelievers in our families, our towns and cities, or our country, and forget those across the world that have yet to be reached.  

While it is important to clarify the interpretation of Acts 1:8, Dr. Stumbo wanted us to be clear on the order in which the three phrase vision is placed.  Leading with the Acts 1:8 focus can lead us to become works driven and program oriented forgetting who we are doing this for.  Focusing on the Family as our leading, turns us inward and we become complacent and we start to die as a church.  No, we have to draw our attention to the fact that we need to be centering everything we do around the person of  Jesus Christ.   Why, Where, When, How, and What we are doing all should point back to Him.

Now that we have defined a foundational platform from which we can build the vision and some insights to the foundation, let us now build on the vision with some of the commitments the president identified and then hang them on the framework of the four pillars he outlined as a Christ Centered -  Acts 1:8 – Family and what we will do.

We will start with the six commitments Dr. Stumbo gave to the church leaders and pastors of the Christian & Missionary Alliance and follow up with the four pillars of action that will be needed in order to carry the vision forward.  Over the course of the next few months we will look in further depth to these commitments and action pillars.

The six commitments are as follows:

  1. Celebrate Jesus
  2. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
  3. Staying under the Authority of God
  4. Personal Soul Care
  5. Strengthen and Extend our impact for the Kingdom
  6. Hand off the Church in a healthier state than what I inherited  (Pass off a more loving church)

Again, we will look further into each of these commitments one by one in the upcoming weeks. They will be the keys to how we are to Love, Proclaim, Reach and Launch our local church along with other local churches scattered around the world to spread the Gospel  to the nations and to the ends of the earth.

I hope you will continue to join me as we look at how we can begin to do these things in the context of our own situations and areas of influence.  I would ask that you continue to pray for ways to be used by God in the gathering of those that belong to Him.  Going and Growing where God is asking us to meet Him. Getting out there and getting it done.

In Him,

Pastor Jeff